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25 Group Financial! I am proud to introduce a business that is dedicated to assisting our Medical Professionals with their immediate financial needs through our commercial loan consulting service. We work with numerous lenders and do our best in placing a feasible loan. 

~We Originate Commercial / Business Loans on behalf of Medical Professionals Only~

As Business Finance Consultants on behalf of Medical Professionals we strive to go above and beyond to fulfill the needs of our clients. With its ever increasing demand for services and technology the healthcare industry is one of the major industries in this country. Because of the cost of liability coverage, competition, and the high cost of new technology and medications, many doctors find the need to take out a loan to pay for all of these necessities.

Whether you are a Physician, Practitioner, Dentist, Pediatrician,Optometrist or other healthcare professional we may have a lender for you who specialize in providing loans for medical professionals. 25 Group Financial is a business financial consultancy with a network of hard money, private, conventional, non-conventional lending institutions and more. We specialize in helping clients navigate the complex loan application and funding process surrounding business loans of all types. We put your requests above all else that allow you, a medical professional, to make informed decisions and stay focused on your practice. We currently offer our services in 
Washington state only.

Financing For:

Radiologists · Ophthalmologists · Dermatologists · Cardiologists · Surgeons · Anesthesiologists · Orthopedic Surgeons · Dentists Medical Spas · Imaging Centers · Plastic Surgery Centers · Veterinarian Practices · Surgery Centers · Dental Practices · Partnerships · Hospitals · Internal Medicine· Family Physician · Chiropractors · Radiologists

We work on loans from:

~Medical Practice Acquisition

~Working Capital

~Equipment Leasing

~Accounts Receivables


~Partner Buyout

And more...

Please visit our blog at: www.25groupfinancial.blogspot.com


25 Group Financial introduces our clients to services of lenders and various other groups who will directly facilitate requests for loan products and other other financial services. Our Primary goal for our clients is to provide the financial resources that are available to them that will assist them in getting a Commercial or Business loan.

25 Group Financial does not facilitate any of the services that may be directly or indirectly offered through us other than preparation and presenting the loan proposal to a lender; in fact we act as the marketing center by connecting the borrower and lender together. We also  are not a credit agency or lender and do not approve nor decline loans. We are not lenders, we are simply small to mid-size business advocates.
We do not do mortgages we are business loans only (ie. Working Capital, Equipment Leasing, Accounts Receivable, etc).

As Real Estate Investors we simply act as seekers on behalf of investors. We will negotiate between seller and buyer of the property and bring the two together. We are not realtors nor are we associated with any real estate agency.

Account Executives with our company are independent contractors and earn commission only; they are not employees and have a signed agreement on file but do act as independent business persons.

We strive to go above and beyond in all that we do. Help us to help you. Let us be your source for your funding needs!

Owner / CEO
Aaron N Bellamy

Regional Leader (Western Washington) - Jackie Young / team25@25groupfs-online.com

Regional Leader (Eastern Washington) - TBD

Regional Leader (West Texas) - TBD

Regional Leader (East Texas) - TBD

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